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When you are looking for a Chino Hills Listing Agent for your home in Chino or Chino Hills or a Listing Agent anywhere in the Inland Empire for that matter you’ve come to the right place.

We have team members who specialize in all areas of real estate, but our primary focus is on residential properties in the Chino Valley. If you are looking to find a buyer for your high-end home, our team has specialized luxury real estate agents and unique marketing packages which bring higher offers and selling prices – as much as 13% higher – than you’d receive anywhere else. If you have a more affordable residence, you get the same advantage – because we’ve discovered ways to market every house as if it were a luxury home.

The Homefinding CenterTM has been matching buyers and sellers in the area for more than two decades, so we have two advantages over any other Chino Hills realtor or residential agent:

  • Enormous access to a huge pool of motivated buyers to whom we can market your property, plus a record of generating more walk-in buyers than anyone in Southern California.
  • Vast experience in pricing and marketing Chino Valley homes, allowing us to sell yours quickly – for top dollar.

Those reasons alone make us uniquely qualified to earn your business. But we have two more advantages over other Chino Hills real estate agents.

  • An unparalleled internet presence: You probably found this site by searching online, and The Homefinding CenterTM has many other websites which are also dominant in internet search results. Since approximately 90% of today’s home buyers begin online when they’re looking for a new house, they’re likely to see listings from the Chino Valley team – including your listing – before any others.
  • Access to the important Chinese-speaking market: Real estate purchases and investments by members of the Chinese-American community are growing at lightning speed. Vivienne Ma, one of the two leaders of The Homefinding Center’sTM Chino Valley team, is fluent in the language and well-connected in the community; your property will be marketed to a large group of eager buyers who wouldn’t be aware of the listing if it was being handled by any other real estate agent in Chino Hills.

The highest sales prices, the best online and walk-in marketing, and a ready-made pool of buyers – that’s the Chino Valley team advantage. If you’re still not sure, just take a look at our Yelp reviews.  Or check out the following video explaining our services.

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