About Us: The Top Chino Hills, CA Realtor Team

The Homefinding CenterTM’s Chino Valley team is uniquely qualified to work on your behalf to sell your home, or help you find a new one, anywhere in the area.

We’re pleased to introduce you to our team of Chino Hills realtors, brokers and agents.

The Homefinding CenterTM

For 23 years, The Homefinding CenterTM has been a leading provider of real estate services for home sellers and buyers in Southern California, and the go-to agency for residents of San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Through the use of highly-effective, proprietary marketing and sales techniques, The Homefinding CenterTM boasts the region’s highest profits for sellers – as much as 12% more than competitors can produce. One of the reasons for this is that the Homefinding CenterTM is in possession of one of the largest Buyer’s databases in the area, because Cameron Novak and his team are rated as some of the top Buyer’s agents in Southern California. The Center has also earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the most effective agencies in the region for short sales and foreclosure purchases. The Homefinding CenterTM has developed a reputation with an enormous network of local real estate agents, brokers and other real estate professionals, which gives clients access to more exclusive listings, information and negotiating power than they would find with any other agency.

The Homefinding CenterTM’s Chino Hills Team

Before meeting the key members of our team, here’s a brief overlook of what we can do for you.

You can count on the extensive, combined experience and knowledge of the Chino Hills team for:

  • The biggest pool of buyers and the highest prices for home sellers.
  • The best selection of dream homes from which buyers can choose at expertly-negotiated prices.
  • The best possible results when short sales become necessary.

Meet the key players who make it all possible.

Cameron Novak

Cameron Novak, who heads the large team of professionals of The Homefinding CenterTM, is an award-winning real estate agent and is ranked as one of the top-50 real estate professionals in California by the authoritative site ActiveRain. He has lived in the area for nearly two decades, and currently resides in Corona with his wife and sons. Cameron was the driving force behind The Homefinding CenterTM’s groundbreaking marketing strategies, which not only bring clients the highest profits for their homes, but also generate more walk-in traffic than any other agency in Southern California.

Cameron is extremely well-connected with nearly every realty and banking professional in Southern California, explaining his legendary ability to negotiate the best deal possible on behalf of his clients. He, his agents and brokers are also able to use those connections to assist real estate buyers and speculators find the best deals for short- and long-term investments.

One of Cameron’s specialties is short sales. His expertise and network of banking contacts allow him to negotiate deals and concessions far beyond those possible with other agents; the sellers he represents often not only receive forgiveness on their outstanding balance, but also receive generous terms including moving allowances and permission to remain in their homes for as long as an extra year. Additionally, Cameron and his team service many of the largest banks in the country on foreclosure sales, giving him the access to a foreclosure inventory other agents can only dream about.

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Chris Weilacker and Vivienne Ma

The husband-and-wife team of Chris Weilacker and Vivienne Ma head the Chino Hills team of The Homefinding CenterTM.

Chris is not only an expert real estate agent who grew up and lives in Chino, but a self-professed “tech geek” who also spent six years working in the tech industry in China (where he met his wife Vivienne). In addition to knowing real estate and the Chino Valley inside and out, he brings his extensive internet and technical experience to the Chino Hills team. Approximately 90% of buyers begin their search for a new home online; through Chris’s ability to build and rank the Center’s real estate websites highly in web searches, homes being sold by the Chino Hills team are among the first that prospective buyers see in their online searches – another major advantage to listing with The Homefinding CenterTM team.

Vivenne brings a unique mix of skills to her real estate practice. She was born in China, educated at one of that nation’s top ten universities and then at UCLA, and worked extensively as a teacher and certified English/Chinese interpreter and translator. Of course, she provides expert realty services to both Chino Valley buyers and sellers. But because of her background and previous experience, she also has incomparable access to and connections with Chinese and Chinese-American communities throughout Southern California, a virtually untapped market filled with eager buyers. Vivienne’s network adds yet another layer of exclusive service provided by the Chino Hills team of The Homefinding CenterTM, unavailable through any other realtor or agent in the area.

Want to learn even more about us? Contact us. We always answer our emails and pick up our phones (or get right back to you) right away, and we’ll be happy to introduce ourselves personally. Of course, we’re also always ready to discuss your personal real estate needs with you, and there’s never any obligation.